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April, 2022

This year has gathered speed. The theme for the first term of classes was Riding Ups and Downs and we've certainly had enough of those lately! This series paid attention to how we stay clam in the midst of uncertainty, how to meet uncertainty and challenge, and simply lessons we all love! How do you come back to yourself and find an inner quietness every day?

I visited Katoomba for a pilot series for people with a diagnosis of Parkinsons, teaching with Feldenkrais colleague Mary Werick. It was so fun to meet this wonderful group of people and work with them to address some of the challenges they face.

I love sharing Feldenkrais with new groups. There is evidence that people with a diagnosis can benefit from learning the principles of Feldenkrais movement and thinking. Contact me if you are interested in the research.

It was a treat to share teaching with Mary. Team teaching brings my own habits to the foreground and shines a light on the way I plan, teach the plan and now comes the evaluation of the series. This will inform our next move. This may be a series in Artarmon in the future.

Next term will start on 27th April and will bring WALKING to the foreground. I regularly return to this theme as it is sooooo useful and brings our Feldenkrais practice into everyday, every day! Each time I find new and interesting perspectives which help me in my daily life by bringing habits of mind and body to awareness.


December, 2021

Dear Feldenkrais friends,

It is the time for celebration and family. Despite the covid situation disrupting our normal rhythms, Christmas, New Year and the summer holiday period are here!

2021 has been disruptive and discombobulating! When I thought I knew what was going on, I was usually wrong. So cultivating a sense of not-knowing, of pausing expectations, and meeting the moment with freshness has been the best way to go.

Not that I always succeeded! Expectations are frequently the mother of disappointment and this was certainly true for me at times during the year.

However, there was the opportunity for learning, collaborating and meeting friends virtually, if not in person. I have new projects on the go and as always am curious and exploring what it is to be human and live with 'human dignity'.

Now it's time to welcome friends and family to be together and enjoy the support we give each other.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year holidays. May your wishes for 2022 be fulfilled and bring you joy.

See you in the New Year for a new programme of Feldenkrais fun!


November, 2021

I am open again for f2f Feldenkrais sessions in the studio!

What is Feldenkrais for? Becoming alive and thriving.

Who is interested in Feldenkrais?

  • Athletes - from riders to runners, from walkers to gardeners, children and their active parents - who wish to refine and clarify their ability and technique
  • Anyone with movement dysfunction or pain conditions
  • People with developmental difficulties from cerebral palsy to autism
  • Anyone who wishes to 'age well' in their ability to meet the world and make choices for improvements in their lives
  • Anyone who wishes to explore their emotional life through movement

Who may benefit from Feldenkrais?

  • People who recognise their needs in the list above
  • Movers who are open to change
  • Anyone who seeks excellence in their life
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about life

What happens in a session? Easy movement according to your needs and abilities. There are usually many layers in a session, depending on your needs.

  1. There is a movement design. This is in the foreground, leading to activation of tonus in the musculature, an awareness of the skeleton, or a field of action that is promoted.
  2. There is a feeling tone to each class - how does this way of moving change your affective state? Do you feel energised or chilled? Reflective or discombobulated?
  3. There is a cognitive and/or knowledge based ingredient giving you the opportunity to learn about yourself.
  4. This all adds up to a fundamental experience that may change your sense of self.

During the Covid time, classes have continued online but now you are also able to come to the studio by appointment.

Benefits of f2f sessions include: the ability for me to REALLY see and FEEL what you are doing giving me additional super-powers for observation which may lead to earlier assistance and clarification of your movement patterns. In this way I can offer additional resources for you to explore and integrate.

Stay well and move with ease,

We are a CovidSafe practice and are asked not to attend if you have cold or flu symptoms.

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