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October, 2014

'Harmonious efficient movement prevents wear and tear. More important, however, is what it does to the image of ourselves and our relationship to the world around us.'
Moshe Feldenkrais

The themes of classes develop from the interest and research of class participants and myself.

We started the year considering how movement, relationship and learning are primary to our lives; to living and growing and finding a satisfying direction and quality of life. This developed into an investigation into the discovery of the relationships between different parts of our body, beginning early in our development.

When first released from the constraints of the womb, movement is unpredictable and uncoordinated. However, it's not long until movement becomes coordinated and flowing as we create the space in which we live. This includes, from the start, the relationships we develop with other beings. As we create our social world, we learn the importance of relations between us and other people and how to connect in life enhancing ways.

Iain McGilchrist's book, The Master and His Emissary, provided an interesting journey into the 'structure of the human brain – the place where mind meets matter'..... In learning more about the 'plethora of well-substianted findings that indicate that there are consistent differences - neuropsychological, anatomical, physiological and chemical, amongst others – between the hemispheres.' And 'such a coherent pattern of differences helps to explain aspects of human experience and therefore means something in terms of our lives.....' Click here to check out his work

Stepping Out

We returned to an exploration of the walking, that wonderful form of exercise. A walk in nature is energising, satisfying and enjoyable. But we are not always walking for pleasure and the character of our walk may change during other everyday activities.

Bringing the ‘how’ of walking to the foreground with lessons that clarified our habits and presented new patterns to experience more harmonious and efficient ways of moving, bringing pleasure to everyday life. Walking may be observed as a metaphor for how we move through life.

Stepping Up

As a progression from last term, we will revise and explore new movement lessons to establish clarity in the way we use our bodies for mobility and stability and that direct optimal organisation for action.

Watch Moshe on YouTube

My colleague, Zoran Kovich, is in the process of editing some videotapes from the last Feldenkrais training programme Moshe taught. If you would like to see the man in action, you can find these short snapshots on the International Feldenkrais Federation Channel on YouTube.

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