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September, 2013

A few weeks ago I was walking through our paddock in the late afternoon winter sun, when I came across a big black snake enjoying unusual activity. He (no, I don't know what sex but am using that pronoun) was a good two metres and with a girth to match, stretched out on the grass with his head a little lifted, checking me out. I was able to watch and follow him (from a safe distance) as he sluggishly slithered off until he was lost in long grass.

I told the story in class and one student described her terror at hearing (yes, just hearing..) the episode. She (we'll call her Susan) instantly became rigid and transfixed with fear and yet was slowly able to calm herself and listen to my fascination at the meeting with the beautiful reptile.

I was interested in the process that was unfolding in front of me. Susan was having an 'out of body' / 'out of mind' experience in which her normal calm temperament disappeared, replaced by an emergency response.


April, 2013

Back from a wonderful holiday in Tasmania with many memories to reflect upon.

We were blessed with stable weather - fine, sunny days with cool nights. The air was clean and fresh (some of the freshest in the world) and the light bright without glare. (Don't ask me to explain, but many people commented on it.) We were often able to fill up our water bottles at creeks and streams (the elixir of youth?).

I was delighted to find that my preparation had paid off and I was able to enjoy all the walking. Carrying the backpack was not a problem even when using a chain to climb a particularly steep section of the first day! Most of the walking on the Overland Track was undulating with only some steep ups and downs. The spectacular views and roots on the track made attention to where and how to place my feet important and kept me from rushing on.

I slipped over a couple of times but, hey, knowing how to fall and roll and recover made the landing light and no harm was done. I have included some photos below.

For anyone who is interested, there is a Feldenkrais Public Workshop on 18th May ..... 'Without Stiffness' with Maggie Slattery, a wonderful teacher from SA. I always enjoy working with her as she creates such a calm and quiet ambience in which to introduce great learning.

And finally, the following video is from the last Young Minds Conference - Matt Cornell talks about the link between movement, attitude, posture and everything (thank you to Lyn for suggesting the video). A must watch when you have a spare 20 minutes. http://youtu.be/0nUK5BvNfbI

March, 2013

Last term, as I prepared for my walk in Tasmania, we explored lessons investigating some movements and postures which were inspired by my own training. This incuded ideas such as:

  • The use of base of support and how to move over it
  • How to transfer weight from support to support for locomotion
  • How to transmit power through the body in a safe and comfortable way
  • The ability to think in movement
  • Developing qualities of movement such as agility (ninja walking, flamenco dancing) and an attitude of playfulness (Tuscany etc)

These foundations give the ingredients for successful activity in many spheres. I trust that your moving and walking also benefited.

Moving and Learning 2 commences in late April/early May and will bring insights from pilgrimage and presence.

Have a Happy Easter.

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