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July, 2018

Our Twisty Series was just that! And everyone really enjoyed the freedom they felt.

Queen of Hearts soldiers

We brought the idea of a plane linking shoulders and hips into our image of ourselves. We had numerous discussions about how this could be brought into action. It is a very two-dimensional image.

For some it was an effective image, for others the solidity of skeletal support and awareness is more useful in everyday activities.

The Queen of Hearts card soldiers came into our discussions. Here's one picture from my old book.

But sense how long your legs are! None of the illustrations I have found have long enough legs (as noticed my one of the class participants)!

A more up-to-date idea is

Fun in any case!!

Next term our practical theme will be The Art of Walking.

March, 2018

How are you feeling?
Your body is telling you something ... are you listening?

Please join me at the upcoming Sensational Being workshop in Annangrove on 26 May 2018.

February, 2018

As I prepare for our next term of classes (commencing in February 2018), I return to the concepts of Work, Rest and Play. We spent much of last year in class exploring what we understand by these words. It's been interesting and so useful for me to clarify and hear your comments ...


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