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April 2020

Good morning,

NOW is the time to reap the benefits of Feldenkrais practice!
NOW is when you need awareness for yourself, for your family and for your community!
NOW is the time to practice Feldenkrais principles for good health and resilience!

The new series of lessons starting 15th April is NOW!

In these unusual times the principles and practice of Feldenkrais offer ways to live well.

My classes will stay small. This way we have time for a check-in at the beginning and reflection at the end of class that is meaningful for participants.

What are you learning at the moment? Feldenkrais principles are scalable and immediately applicable in life.

Making the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant.

Feldenkrais classes and individual sessions are all online and now more accessible to you than ever before. There is a regular online Wednesday 6pm class (returning class get preference) and new times of Thursday 6pm and 10am on Fridays.

Please email me with your interest in a class or session.

Stay safe,

February 2020

It's time for Feldenkrais again 😀 The lazy rhythm of the long summer has been interrupted by the enormous fires that have swept the country in many places and changed holiday plans. I have watched with grief and anxiety at the loss of life, homes and habitat. If you have been affected, Feldenkrais may help your recovery.

Now with rain, here in Sydney we hope we are returning to a more normal weather pattern.

Feldenkrais classes and individual sessions offer calm through reconnection with body, mind and spirit. Movement is oiled, becomes easier and attention to quality brings us ways to live with vitality and meaning.

This term in class we will bring to the foreground Patterns of Life so we refresh the rhythms which sustain us. Classes start on Wed, 5 February at 6pm and Thursday, 6 February at 10am. Please book in to secure your place by using the contact page.

Individual sessions are available by appointment on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday mornings. In these sessions you will enjoy tailored movement sequences and learn about your unique patterns.


October, 2019

Spring into action now the days are longer, bush wildflowers are at their best and the mulberries are forming 😀 The garden and the bush are calling!

Feldenkrais learning is cumulative, in my experience. As we move through our daily life, there are opportunities to practice Feldenkrais awareness principles. How are you feeling? How are you thinking? What do you sense? And can you reduce the effort in your actions and increase your sensitivity? How can you get around resistance by finding another way? Are you breathing, and does your breath fit with the activity?

Feldenkrais asks many questions and holding the questions allows you to live into the answers, when the question fades away. How do you ask those questions of yourself? Can you be kind and easy with yourself?

Use your Feldenkrais skills as you walk around to scan and look around you.

Next term starts on 5th, 6th November. Let me know if you would like the Thursday morning class as at the moment it looks as if most of the class are travelling! Hopefully you will be able to come to an evening class.

I have taken registrations from those attending class last term but there is still room so email me to join in. The theme is:

Imagination and memory are at the core of our human ability to live a satisfying life.
Explore how these faculties are intertwined and shape humankind.
Discover how you can use your skills to be fully alive.
Observe where creativity serves you and when it may hinder you.

Did you listen to the Australian Feldenkrais Summit? I have had great feedback from everyone who did, and I certainly enjoyed it myself. It's not too late...use the link below and listen at your leisure!

I will be out of my practice now until 31 October. When I get back, I am offering a discount on an individual session package of 5 sessions. This will be available for a limited time. Contact me for details. Consider giving a Christmas gift certificate of one or more sessions to a friend or family member.

Enjoy spring!

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