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The below classes have now finished. Please click here for information on Feldenkrais classes currently offered.

Imagination and Memory

Imagination and memory are at the core of our human ability to live a satisfying life. Explore how these faculties are intertwined and shape humankind. Discover how you can use your skills to be fully alive. Observe where creativity serves you and when it may hinder you.

As we turn the beam of awareness on movement, we create the conditions for learning, improvement, greater comfort and increased agency. Feldenkrais offers a detailed road-map with which to explore our territory and make conscious decisions about its use.

Teacher Catherine Hamber,
Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner & Physiotherapist
Times Tuesdays at 6pm - commencing 5 November 2019
Wednesdays at 6pm - commencing 6 November 2019
Thursdays at 10am - commencing 7 November 2019
Lessons last about an hour
Location Hills District, North-West Sydney
Cost Term - 5 lessons for $95
Casual - $25 per session if space

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