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The below classes have now finished. Please click here for information on Feldenkrais classes currently offered.


NOW is the time to reap the benefits of Feldenkrais practice
NOW is when you need awareness for yourself, for your family and for your community
NOW is the time to practice Feldenkrais principles for good health and resilience

Our usual patterns of life have been changed considerably this year. Negotiating these unusual times calls for increased awareness of self, family and community. This starts with YOU!

Looking through the lens of Feldenkrais movement lessons smoothes the way to a felt sense of a grounded and comfortable way of life. Feldenkrais offers a detailed road-map with which to explore our territory and make conscious decisions about its use.

NOW is the time to bring the learning from Feldenkrais classes to the foreground.

Teacher Catherine Hamber,
Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner & Physiotherapist
Times Wednesdays at 6pm - commencing 15 April 2020
Thursdays at 6pm - commencing 16 April 2020
Fridays at 10am - commencing 17 April 2020
Lessons last about an hour
Location Online and more accessible than ever
Cost Term - 5 lessons for $100
Casual - $30 per session if space

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