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Read what others have said about Feldenkrais

What I learned over the years in Feldenkrais class was of inestimable use throughout the whole knee replacement journey. I am very grateful for the techniques, but even more the mindset and attitudes I learnt and practiced. There is no doubt in my mind that my experience and recovery were significantly helped.

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Minimum effort for maximum effect


Body consciousness


Better movement know-how


Big thinking!


Thank you so much for your ongoing, beautifully subtle steering and maneuvering of ourselves, helping us to be far more attuned with who we are and how to travel those other pathways, helping each of us to soften and realise other facets of ourselves, beyond the fixated paths we have conditioned ourselves to.


My walk today was one of mindful foot placement, after Catherine's ATM last night. Being more aware of lifting inner and outer arches changed my experience dramatically.

I felt that my knees were more involved and that I almost had a spring in my step. This new focus and action, seemed to change my hip/abdomen posture too. My hip placement felt more forward than normal and my pelvis felt more lifted in front. (Now that I think about it, probably it was more horizontal than my usual forward tilt). This action also seemed to engage my lower abdominals and pelvic floor. Now and again, I felt the need to place my hands on the sides of my body at hip level to see whether there was swaying or "holding". It felt firm and supported.

Out of curiosity I reverted to my usual walk a few times and the difference was remarkable! My "tail" felt like a duck waddling and the sway of my hips felt exaggerated! I also noted how "slack" and soft my belly became! During this observation my tail and belly felt like two distinct parts, broader front to back and less supported! AMAZING!!!


Catherine's work with me transformed my life. Little did I know when I booked my first Functional Integration session that it would lead me on a transformational journey.

I originally contacted Catherine on the recommendation of Mary Wanless (www.mary-wanless.com) because I wanted to improve my riding skills.

After six months, I took my then 80-year-old mother to have lessons with Catherine. She had experienced a year of extreme trauma (car accident involving 14 fractures, a heart attack, and a shattered ankle). I had the opportunity to observe the change in someone else that I had experienced myself, and I realised that the magic of the Feldenkrais Method was no accident. It was at that moment that I decided "I want to be able to do that".

Subsequently I undertook the four-year training to become a Feldenkrais practitioner. It has been a wonderful and exciting life and career change.


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