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Learning from experiences is the best way towards meeting your goals and feeling satisfied in life. Whether this be in an athletic endeavor or in forming close and meaningful relationships, gaining know-how about how we organize is beneficial.

Awareness Through Movement creates circumstances in which we track our preferred patterns of movement, attention and the way we use our resources to meet a changing world. Looking through the lens of Feldenkrais movement lessons smoothes the way to a felt sense of a grounded and comfortable way of life.

Feldenkrais offers a detailed road-map with which to explore our territory and make conscious decisions about its use.

Teacher Catherine Hamber,
Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner & Physiotherapist
Times Commencing week of 22 July
Lessons last about an hour
Location Online through Zoom
Cost Term - 8 lessons for $160
Casual - $30 per session if space

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