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Movement and Learning for Life Foundations

In his little pamphlet, Learning to Learn, Feldenkrais writes that we have been wired-in by prevailing educational methods so that when we have a goal, we go all out to achieve it. If we have no idea how to mobilize our self for that task, we will bite our lips, hold our breath, and screw up our straining self in order to achieve something. The result is excessive effort and harmful strain. We are often limited by not knowing how to chunk the goal into easy parts, to which we can pay attention.

Moshe always encourages reducing effort. As long as we hold the intention lightly, we may surpass the limit of our ignorance and reach a higher level of achievement.

Self-directed learning is our goal, using the activities you enjoy in your life as the way to track progress. How will we think and sense and act to come closer to our intention? Does our action inform and fit our intentions?

Awareness through movement lessons give you the opportunity to learn how to learn. Learn how to think, intend and act in a way that fits your intentions. Many people first encounter Feldenkrais to aid rehabilitation from injury. Most stay on long after any injury is healed or rehabilitation complete because they recognise the on-going benefits in their lives.

Teacher Catherine Hamber,
Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner & Physiotherapist
Times Tuesdays at 6pm - commencing 7 February 2017
Wednesdays at 6pm - commencing 8 February 2017
Thursdays at 10am - commencing 9 February 2017
Lessons last about an hour
Location Hills District, North-West Sydney
Cost Term - 9 lessons $175
Casual - $25 per session if space

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