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The below classes have now finished. Please click here for information on Feldenkrais classes currently offered.

Paying Attention to Quality

What is quality? What quality? What is quality of life?

How do you decide where to place your attention? How does what you pay attention to change your experience and capacity?

The Feldenkrais lessons will engage us, refreshing body and mind and improving quality of life. In Awareness through Movement the accent is not on which movement you deal with but on how you direct yourself doing it.

Teacher Catherine Hamber,
Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner & Physiotherapist
Times Tuesdays & Wednesdays at 6pm
Wednesday daytime class subject to interest
Commencing 26 & 27 July, 2011

Lessons last from 45 mins - 1 hr
Location Hills District, North-West Sydney
Cost Term - 7 lessons $130
Casual - $25 per session if space
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